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Some Random Games!

A new game was played today: Superfight! Created by Darin Ross and published by Skybound. It’s a wacky party game where you create characters with attributes (both are cards) and then you have to argue with your opponent as to why your character would win over your opponent’s. They then get to argue their side of the fight and a “partial” third party decides the victor! I got to create some interesting and fun characters:

  • A swarm of killer bees that can read minds and lay explosive eggs
  • A blob that could only turn left (and something I can’t remember)
  • The Terminator as a dragon-centaur that transformed into a KPOP star
  • A 9-foot-tall Gorilla
  • A wall-crawling assassin in a metal exoskeleton
  • Some sort of strange tentacle-monster Voltron
  • A 6-inch-tall Unicorn that wielded a samurai sword
  • And…a few others I can’t really recall

My friends fought with Werewolves, copies of the other friend, Chuck Norris, a metamorph Chimpanzee, a dionsaur, a UFC champion, a woolly mammoth with a tinfoil hat, gah! I can’t remember all of the combinations! It was really fun and there were some very, very odd fighters. There were times we were laughing so hard it hurt our cheeks! I would say that this is a wonderful party game for anyone who likes games such as Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity. (Oh, I won at least one of two games…we set the limit to 5 points each game)


We also played Dragonwood, published by Gamewright. This is a fantasy dungeon-crawl kind of game where you play sets of cards in either a run (called a strike), a set of the same number (called a stomp), or a flush (called a scream). Each monster has a stat versus each attack. The goal is to play your set of cards, announce the monster you’re going to capture, roll one special d6 per card played, and try to beat the score for that monster’s opposing stat. It’s a fun game with lighthearted graphics. The mechanic is simple to learn and overall, the game is a joy to play! (My friend Dave won this game).


In the future, we’re going to record and/or stream our game sessions. We’ll also be playing Magic: The Gathering’s Commander format as well! Look for episodes and podcasts in the future!

Updated: December 10, 2015 — 1:38 am
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