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Games are what I love, games are what I do. But family comes first.


My online name is Excalibur and I produce Let’s Play videos for video games; podcasts for news about my Favorite Local Gaming Stores (FLGSs) in the Richmond, VA area; Let’s Learn videos that review or teach about boardgames; Magic: The Gathering content including, but not limited to, Deck Techs, Deck Lists, Tournament Reports; and other media related to gaming of all kinds.

This is not my day job. I produce this content when I can and those times are after my family has gone to bed or if I’ve got the house to my self. In reality, I work with medical data, databases, programming, web design, IT, and other computer-related tasks as a part-time contractor. When I am not at work and not producing content, I care for my toddler (along with his mother, of course).

The content I produce is in support of gamers, in support of indie game developers, and in support of everything my FLGSs provide to the community. It’s relied heavily on Minecraft with a few stints, here and there, into other games.

For more information about what I want to do with my content and why I’m doing it, please visit my Patreon page. I hope you become a patron!

For my video and audio content, please see my YouTube channel.

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