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FLGS News & Events Discontinued

Here I am, sitting down to work on Tuesday and I read something online that sparks something in my foggy brain. It’s TUESDAY! Yesterday was Monday and it never entered my mind that I was late. Sunday night, before I go to bed, is when I get the schedules of my FLGSes together and report them via podcast. I’ve been missing the past few weeks (getting them in late Monday) and this week was the last time. Additionally, the view counts for the podcasts also tells me that not many people listened to them.

I’m going to have to discontinue my FLGS News & Events podcast. At least in its current form. Once or twice, I can forgive myself. But three times and two days late? That’s inexcusable. For those that listen, it is a disservice for me to miss my deadlines. True, they’re self-imposed deadlines, but deadlines none-the-less.

I have been thinking that it might be best to collate all the schedules in a text-based format for easier reference. You can see what’s happening at what store on a given day and time much quicker with text than having to skip through someone reporting the schedule verbally.

The problem with this is that most of the FLGSes in my area have online gaming calendars. Those that don’t have printed copies of their schedule available.

So, after 19 podcasts, I’m going to shutter this project and move on to others.

To those that did listen, thank you! I apologize that I’ve come to this decision, but with my current schedule and inability to keep the deadline for these broadcasts, I have to let it go.

For those who are interested, here are the calendars for the stores that post them:

Updated: January 20, 2015 — 3:46 pm
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