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DieCiv, the Dice-Based Civilisation Building Game

A few years ago, I designed a print and play (PnP) game called DieCiv. To date, the rules have been downloaded 243 times. It was created and a discussion started in 2011.

There is a sticker sheet that needs to be printed out and stickers applied to 10 6-sided dice. There’s also a market board and a few other printouts that need to be made.

The game was inspired by Innovation, Smallworld, and a few other games for the mechanics I enjoyed and thought were awesome for a game of this type.

Overall, the game is very alpha-feeling. The market mechanic was not very well understood and there was a lot of dice rolling for random resources. Combat is not very easy to deal with and interaction between the players is rather limited. The game length increases quite a lot with the number of players involved, even for a dice game. Finally while it is somewhat OK to play, these elements make the game a poor one, if that.

But, all is not lost! Enter the inspiration that only playing games can produce! I think I may have a way to vastly improve the game without dealing with a lot of the tedium. I am working on a new market concept, new ways to use standard, multi-colored dice with pips, removing cubes (using dice), and setting up win conditions.

Overall, I believe it will be a much better game than before and it may see print as an actual game. I will have to see if custom dice will be possible or if using standard d6s will be the best bet.

More news as I progress with the new version of the game! But this is it for now.

Updated: October 13, 2014 — 5:19 am
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