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Hello, everyone!

Just wanted to drop a short post about the new wiki! This is going to be a place where I can update episodes, series, and the like without having to deal with reddit’s posting issues. I keep having to moderate my own posts even though I’m logged in. They get marked as spam and I have to re-approve them. Quite irritating. So, here’s a wiki to keep you up to speed and to make things far easier for me to deal with!

Right now, I only have a few series up dealing with Magic: The Gathering under my “A n00b’s Guide to Magic: The Gathering” label. Just like reddit, the site won’t update any of my social feeds so you have to check often. Or you can use it as a reference later on.

I really want to make sure all my videos are indexed in a categorized manner. Hopefully the wiki will let me do that!

Until next time, enjoy playing games, check out my wiki! I am out!

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